The minimum requirements for the companies to fulfil in order to prove the existence of mastered and operating system for quality management are defined by the standard.

The standard is universal for all the spheres of economic activities and covers all the aspects of the organization activity.

The management system, based on these requirements, is unique for the company in which it has been elaborated and mastered, as it is conformable to the relevant company regulations and work practices.

The choice of requirements, defined by this standard renders an account of the regulatory frameworks managing the specific subject of activity and helps the companies in the process of accomplishing these requirements.

The standard provides directions for the general requirements which an organization should face and allows the integrity of other standards and specifications, connected with the various aspects of the company activities, as their objective is to optimize the work in the company.

The certification for correspondence to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 MQs is voluntarily but could be set as a contract requirement by the company customers.