Healthy and safe working conditions

Ensuring safe and healthy working conditions is the responsibility of the employer, afforded him a rate of chl.275 and in the next chapter “Health and safety” of the Labour Code. Along with him and the matter is governed by a special law for the health and safety, as well as by numerous regulations. The latter are issued by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, alone or together with other ministers.

According to the norm of Article 14, paragraph 1 of the Health and Safety at Work “legal and natural persons who self-employed workers, companies and individuals who enjoy working offered by the company that provides temporary employment, and those who work on their own account alone or in partnership with others, are required to provide healthy and safe working conditions in all cases related to work, workers and all other persons in another context are in or near the premises, sites or locations.”

In order to fulfill its obligations under occupational health and safety at work the employer is required to develop and strengthen health and safety rules in the enterprise in the provision of adequate instruction and training of employees to provide them with special clothing and personal protective equipment and employment in industries associated with adverse health effects – free food and protective antidotes. The employer is obliged to provide for its own account and annual preventive medical examinations of all employees. He still has a duty to assess Risk The factory. To organize the tasks related to protection against occupational hazards and prevention of these risks, the employer depending on the volume of activity, nature of work and nature of occupational risk appoint or designate one or more officials with appropriate education and training or creating specialized service. The functions and duties of officials and specialized services are determined by an ordinance issued by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy. On its basis the employer regulates their functions and tasks according to specific conditions in the enterprise. The employer has an obligation to provide service workers registered at the Ministry of Health Occupational Medicine (STM), as this can create its own or in partnership with other employers or contract registered with the STM.

The Occupational Health Service is part of the overall system for managing workers’ health and safety performance of their employment. STM performs mainly preventive functions realized by providing consultancy services to employer groups, committees and working conditions by providing healthy and safe working conditions, assessment of occupational hazards and health workers, proposing measures to eliminate and reduce of the risk, monitor the health status of employees, training employees and officials on the rules for health and safety at work.

The employer must establish, record and investigate any accident and became famous cases of occupational diseases.

By April 30 the employer must file an annual declaration under Article 15 of the Law on Safety and Health at Work in the Labour Inspectorate.

Specialized control activities in compliance, savarzano to ensure health and safety of the Executive Agency “General Labour Inspectorate” through its structures.