We offer our clients a full range of audit services. Let’s raise the confidence in the quality and reliability of your financial statements.

Audit of financial statements (annual and interim), prepared in accordance with national accounting standards for financial statements of small and medium enterprises (NFRSSME), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and/or other generally accepted reporting framework and consolidation packages prepared in accordance with the accounting policy of the group.

Audit of projects financed by European funds programs and other international financial institutions and/or governmental organizations.

Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with the reporting framework with special purpose.

Audit of individual components of the financial statements or a specific item, article or item of financial statements.

Due Diligence – check of companies

Each sale of holding company transfer or purchase of a project is carried out after thorough verification of the legal and economic interests (due diligence).

Due Diligence is a careful examination and evaluation of the actual financial position of the entity subject to the purchase, meant as a business assessment.

Purpose of Due Diligence is establishing the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise and identifies possible risks.

Conducting Due Diligence review covers the company’s documents. Most often takes place in several phases, depending on how specific is the plan for the purchase of the buyer. Upon acquisition and alienation of the enterprise and participation in mergers and acquisitions are available to businesses with expert advice and guidance processes. Our advice in this area includes the following:

Competent conducting Due Diligence checks by a specialized team of lawyers, accountants and tax experts.

Establishment of a Due Diligence report with findings and recommendations concerning individual further acquisition procedure.

Legal and tax advice in the preparation of the acquisition agreement and other documentation.